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The Forum of Women Deputies of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan highly appreciated the charitable assistance of the DIMES Foundation

On September 13, a meeting of members of the Forum of women deputies of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan took place at the Jogorku Kenesh of KR (deputies of various fractions Aida Kasymalieva, Natalya Nikitenko and Eugenia Strokova took part) with the representative of DIMES Foundation – Mr. Werner Blatter and representatives of the center «Sezim».

Representatives of UN Women in Kyrgyzstan and PA «National mediation center» – our partners also took part at the meeting.

A multilateral dialogue was held on the possibilities of promoting women’s rights in Kyrgyzstan in cooperation with state bodies, international agencies / communities and the civil sector of our country.

On the behalf of the Forum of women deputies of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan Aida Kasymalieva handed DIMES Foundation represented by Mr. Werner Blatter a Сertificate of Honor for long-term charitable support of the activities of center «Sezim» aimed at promoting gender equality, eliminating discrimintation and protecting the rights of women and girls in Kyrgyzstan.