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About us

Crisis Center “Sezim” works since 1998 and is one of the first crisis centers and non-profit organizations in Kyrgyzstan.

In the 90s the problems of gender-based and domestic violence in Kyrgyzstan were deeply latent and closed to the public and political debate, and the resulting number of public organizations (including us) have begun to actively raise issues of women’s rights in our country.

The main goal of the creation of our center was – the protection of women’s rights and provision of legal and psychosocial assistance for girls / women and their family members affected by or vulnerable to gender-based, domestic violence and human trafficking.


  • Creating the necessary conditions and providing legal, psychological and social support to victims of gender-based, domestic violence and human traffciking;
  • Initiation, support and implementation of measures for the implementation of legislative initiatives to reduce violence in the family and society in Kyrgyzstan;
  • Preventive measures to reduce the level of gender-based, domestic violence and trafficking in Kyrgyzstan.


  • Legal, psychological and social assistance to victims of gender-based, domestic violence and human trafficking;
  • Support of own capabilities and inner resources to overcome difficult situations for girls / women and their family members that are vulnerable to gender-based, domestic violence and human trafficking;
  • Advocacy and public protection of women/girls and their family members in case of gender-based, domestic violence and human trafficking;
  • Provision of temporary secure (Shelter) and social housing (Transit social house) for girls/women with children, victims of gender-based, domestic violence and human trafficking, with a complex of psychological, rehabilitation and reintegration services;
  • Assistance in resolving conflicts and other violations of marital and family relations (family consulting, mediation, intervention);
  • Information and education related to gender rights, domestic violence and human trafficking;
  • Lobbying initiatives in the field of protecting the population of Kyrgyzstan from gender-based, domestic violence and human trafficking (Advocacy)

For the period 1998-2021 Sezim provided the following services:

  1. 46140 calls to the Hotline;
  2. 37 450psychological and legal consultations were held;
  3. Legal representation and participation of a human rights defender in courts were provided for 1910 people in 2587criminal and civil cases;
  4. From 2003 to 2020, 2351 adults and 1583children received Shelter services;
  5. From 2011, 251women and 297 children received Transit Social Home services.


Non-commercial nature of the activity
Crisis Center “Sezim” is a non-profit organization; profit making is not the main purpose of our activity. Profit, which appears by the activities of the center “Sezim” is used exclusively to achieve the Charter objectives and to realize the mission of the organization.

We form our position and make decisions in full independence from individuals who are not connected with the center “Sezim”, including political parties, private companies, public authorities and individual officials, private individuals.

Crisis Center “Sezim” is a non-governmental organization and is not a part of any public authority. Center “Sezim” does not support political parties and does not engage in political activity.

Financial independence
Financial independence – one of the principles that guide us to preserve full independence in decision-making. We strive to use funds from different sources and do not accept funding that may interfere with the center “Sezim” to make decisions on their own or in any other way to increase the reputational risks of the organization.

Information reliability and objectivity
We are taking all necessary measures to ensure that our decisions and actions are unbiased and based on data corresponding to the reality. Since we do not have full information, we cannot guarantee absolute objectivity of our findings and conclusions. However, we are always applying maximum effort to achieve objectivity.

Transparency and accountability
We are aware of our responsibility to society as a whole and to those who are directly affected by our operations in particular. We are interested in the fact that the public has complete information about our activities. At the heart of our disclosure policy is a voluntarily obligation to disclose information in cases where we have no compelling reasons not to do so.