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Clients of the center “Sezim” took part in the project “Our choice”

Munar, Anara, Baktygul and Kasiyet among 68 women – clients of our center were involved in the project “Our Choice” from the Public Foundation “AIDS Foundation East-West in the Kyrgyz Republic The project is aimed at expanding economic opportunities for women in difficult life situations.

68 of our women at the start took part in trainings for personal growth and business planning. As a result, four of them developed successful mini-business projects and won grants in the form of various equipment for their activities.

Munar received equipment for the beginning of cleaning activities – vacuum cleaner and detergents, Anara – a separator for milk processing, Baktygul – a refrigerator for the production and sale of ice cream, Kasiyet – equipment for manicure and pedicure. At present, all of them successfully work in their projects, raise children and have many plans for the future.


Anara’s story (34 y.o.) Anara with two children asked for help at the center “Sezim”. She was subjected to psychological and economic violence by her husband for many years. The husband forbade her to work and did not allow to use the family budget, and she had to constantly ask for money from relatives to cover daily needs. At the shelter Anara received a rehabilitation program, and was sent to trainings “Personal Growth” and “Business Planning” within the framework of the “Our choice” project. Having completed the training course, she successfully defended the business project. Anara had an old dream, to open her own business of making dairy products, and she won a mini-grant in the form of a separator for milk processing. Currently, Anara has 2 cows and several calves, which her relatives helped her in part to get. She successfully sells her products on the market. She and her children returned home to her husband after they had been together with family counselors at the psychologists of the center “Sezim”. He began to help her in business, and now the family is experiencing positive changes based on Anara’s personal changes.

(On the photos: our women – participants of the project #OurChoice, faces are retouched at their request)