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At our center we offer FAMILY MEDIATION SERVICES.

Family Mediation offers an alternative to the courts for resolving family disputes and conflicts, where the parties of a dispute or conflict can make decisions through negotiations, with the help of a trained Family Mediator.

Family Mediation takes into account the highly emotional nature of family conflicts and is very effective in various complicated life situations.

What questions can you address and resolve through Family Mediation?
  1. The interests and needs of CHILDREN

Family Mediation can be useful in resolving issues related to CHILDREN after a divorce or separation of parents including: joint custody, maintenance allowances, place of residence and educational decisions (choice of kindergarten, school, etc.)

  1. Division of Property and Finance.
  2. Division of Inheritance.
  3. Conflicts between Generations:
  • Conflicts between parents and adult children especially when «generational differences” threaten a break down in relations;
  • Quarrels that arise in families where two or three generations are forced to live shared housing;
  • Conflicts in which the third generation – grandparents take an active position.
  1. Disputes concerning guardianship, adoption and adaptation of foster children.
  2. Problems of step-families, unmarried couples, surrogate motherhood,
Family Mediation is not suitable in the case of domestic violence, where one of the parties is a victim of psychological or physical violence, and the other party is in a dominant position. Family Mediation involves the equality of the participants in negotiations, who are looking for answers to their questions with the help of a Mediator. Family Mediation always takes place on a voluntary basis and ensures the rights of all parties.
6 Family Mediators work at the center “Sezim”.
Our mediators are trained and are in the register of the Republican Community of Mediators of Kyrgyz Republic, have a Mediator’s Certificate issued by RCM of KR.

To apply for Family Mediation and for all questions about this service, you can call our phone numbers:

  • +996 312 316466
  • +996 551 316466

Family Mediation is offered on a fee for service basis. Payment is carried out according to the Regulations on paid services of the PA CC “Sezim”.