SEZIM 2020

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"The most painful reminder of this epidemic is a reminder of our inequality" (Olga Tokarchuk, Polish writer)
Worldwide, quarantine conditions in connection with COVID-19 outbreaks are accompanied by a "silent pandemic" - increased violence against women and children. This situation has put additional pressure on the aid services, including the crisis centers. Throughout 2020, center "Sezim" worked in the conditions of adapting its activities to new challenges and risks, in the direction of:
  • providing legal and psychological support to victims of violence;
  • prevention of gender-based and domestic violence;
  • raising awareness of the risks of domestic violence associated with quarantine during the covid-19 pandemic.
The activities of Sezim in 2020 were carried out with critical changes in certain time periods associated with the covid-19 outbreaks in Kyrgyzstan.
During the State of Emergency in connection with the covid-19 pandemic in Kyrgyz Republic (March 25 - May 10, 2020), “Sezim" worked to adapt its activities to the conditions of quarantine and the pandemic.
The provision of services with close social contacts and reception of clients at the Shelter and Transit Social Home were temporarily suspended. During the emergency, 5 women and 6 children who arrived before the quarantine were living at the Transit Home.

Sezim's team has started developing strategies for using online platforms and social networks to advance its mission.

Three crisis hotlines were working around the clock. During the emergency period, 115 appeals were received from all regions of Kyrgyzstan. Assistance was provided through online consultations of psychologists and lawyers; if necessary, in cooperation with law enforcement agencies of KR.

Facebook and Instagram accounts created and posted a series of videos to help with cases of domestic violence during the pandemic and quarantine.
On June 1, 2020, "Sezim" began a gradual restoration of offline services. However, due to the second covid-19 outbreak in July-August 2020, offline services were suspended again.
In July 2020, the Mayor's Office of Bishkek announced its intention to use the premises where the Shelter of Sezim was located as a covid hospital. In this regard, the Shelter at this address was closed, and structurally merged with the Transit Social Home.

During the 2 months of the second wave of the pandemic, 65 calls for help were received on crisis hotlines.

“Sezim" team continued to publish on social networks on the following topics:
  • Stress in quarantine conditions;
  • Reducing family conflict and healthy relationships;
  • Support of children in quarantine;
  • Personal security measures.
      Since September 1, 2020, “Sezim" has started work on restoring offline services in compliance with sanitary safety measures for clients and employees.

      To work in the context of the ongoing pandemic, at the Office and Transit Social Home, algorithms of actions have been developed and the necessary sanitary conditions have been introduced to protect against infection.

      Nightly legal and psychological consultations resumed in the office.

      The lawyer's defense and the human rights defender's participation in the courts were fully resumed.

      On October 1, 2020, “Nur" Transit Social Home began accepting new clients.

      The Hotline +996 (312) 512640 has resumed operation.
      OUR SERVICES_2020
      On Hotline
      926 calls were received.

      Legal services
      410 consultations for 297 people.

      Legal representation in courts
      19 civil cases;
      7 criminal cases.

      Human rights defender in courts
      5 civil cases;
      6 criminal cases.

      Psychological services
      537 consultations for 305 people.

      Child psychologist
      92 consultations for 81 parents;
      52 consultations for 40 children.

      Transit Social Home “Nur"
      comprehensive assistance for 56 women and 77 children.

      "Sezim" main services were carried out with the financial support of the DIMES Foundation (Spain).
      OUR PROJECTS_2020
      Project "From professionalization to institutional development of Family Mediation in Kyrgyzstan", supported by the Democracy Commission of the US Embassy in the KR.
      • 15 mediators of center "Sezim" and the Republican Community of Mediators were trained in a 3-level training program for family mediators and family mediation trainers from an international trainer and expert - Tatyana Bilyk (Ukraine).
      • Trainers - family mediators of center “Sezim" conducted training under the program “Family Mediation. Basic Course" for 25 mediators of KR.
      • Online round table "Ways of development and prospects of the institution of family mediation in Kyrgyzstan".
      Project "Club Sezim 55+" for women over 55 years old, in difficult life situations, with the support of BEARR Trust.
      • 62 women took part in the events of the club "Sezim 55+".
      • Access to legal, judicial and psychological assistance was provided to women.
      • During the pandemic, an online help system and social packages were organized for the club members.
        In 2020, with the support of the Eastern Bavarian Society (Germany), the institutional sustainability of the program of comprehensive assistance to victims of violence in safe living conditions - the Transit Social Home "Nur" - was ensured. In connection with the closure of the Shelter, the program activities of center “Sezim" were restructured, as a result of which two programs for women and children affected by violence are being implemented on the territory of the Transit Home “Nur": an emergency assistance program and a long-term assistance program.

        In 2020, “Sezim" became a certified provider of educational services. “Sezim" received a license for educational activities from the Ministry of Education and Science of KR in the following areas:
        • Family Mediation;
        • Correctional programs for perpetrators of violence;
        • Fundamentals of psychosocial counseling.
        Work has begun on institutional cooperation in the field of Family Mediation. Memorandum of cooperation in the development of Family Mediation in KR was signed between “Sezim" and the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of the KR.
        "The main achievement of our center in 2020 is that despite the difficulties and risks, Sezim's team continued to help victims of violence, adapting new strategies and algorithms for assistance in the pandemic conditions. And it was equally important for us to ensure the safety of our team and maintain the trust of our partners and donors". (Biubiusara Ryskulova, director)
        Financial Highlights_2020
        23 968 million kyrgyz soms
        total funds received to the "Sezim" account
        15 922 million kyrgyz soms
        funds from donors
        8 046 million kyrgyz soms
        private donations
        2 095 million kyrgyz soms
        paid taxes and insurance contributions to the State budget
        Spending funds on programs
        Shelter - 21%
        Transit Social Home "Nur"- 33%
        Legal and advocacy services - 13%
        Psychological services - 17%
        Hotline - 4%
        Educational program - 5%
        Administrative expenses - 7%

        Our Staff_2020
        20 full-time and 7 contract specialists.
        7 local and 3 international volunteers.

        "Sezim" team expresses gratitude to State, International, Public Organizations and Individuals for their help, cooperation and trust in 2020.

        We are particularly grateful to the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the KR, the DIMES Foundation, the Eastern Bavarian Society and the US Embassy in the KR for supporting our activities during the pandemic.