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Crisis Center "SEZIM"
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Dear our friends and readers!
We present to your attention our report for 2018 and the main indicators of our organization's 20-year activity.

In 2018, it was 20 years since the founding of the center "Sezim".
Since 1998, the activities of our organization are closely intertwined with the development of the women's legal movement, and in general, the civil society of our country. Our center was actively involved in all stages of the struggle for gender equality in these difficult years of the modern history of Kyrgyzstan, from the formation of the non-governmental sector and the lobbying of the first laws to eliminate gender-based, domestic violence and human trafficking. And today, during a period of increased risks of the radicalization of society and gender discrimination, center "Sezim" continues to fulfill its mission and tasks in reducing violence against women and girls in Kyrgyzstan.

We express sincere gratitude to our partners, donors and all our friendly environment, thanks in large part to you, we have the opportunity to make our own contribution to the humanistic development of our country.

Especial gratitude to our clients for the trust placed in us.

For 20 years more than 25 000 people have received
help and support of our center
(78% women, 9% men, 13% children)
31 089 legal and psychological consultations;

1768 people received advocacy and public protection in courts;

2172 adults and 1368 children received Shelter services
(since 2005);

111 women and 96 children lived at Transit Social Home
(since 2011);

42 900 calls on Hotline.

For 20 years 18,7 million kyrg. soms were transferred to the budget of taxes and insurance contributions.

Funding for direct assistance for clients - 25,6 million kyrg. soms.

Сonsulting services
650 legal consultations for 453 people.

1681 psychological consultations for 440 adults; 118 consultations for 78 children.

Advocacy and Public protection
Advocacy protection in courts: 47 civil and 5 criminal cases.

Public protection in courts: 8 criminal and 4 civil cases.

Shelter and Transit Social Home
Shelter services were provided to 358 people (175 women, 165 children and 18 men).

26 people lived at the Transit Social Home (15 women and 11 children).

"Today I have my own small beauty salon. Could I have assumed just a couple of years ago that this would be possible. With the help of the "Sezim", "East-West Foundation" and the International Organization for Migration, I received training in expanding economic opportunities, studied and completed an internship in the nail service, and won a grant!"
"I thought that violence would never stop in my life, but the time came when I realized that I couldn't endure a single day. I found at the "Sezim" not only professionals, but also good friends. From childhood I played komuz and sang, and in the shelter they gave me new komuz. They helped me study as a hairdresser and bought equipment. Much of what I wanted in moments of despair, gradually comes true, I work, my two children go to kindergarten, and peace returns to my heart".
"Thanks to everyone who helped me during the difficult days of my life. Thank you so much Biubiusara-eje, psychologists Natalya and Victoria. When I could already see the perspective in my life, the project "My Choice" helped me a lot. I studied and won a grant for equipment for cleaning activities - a vacuum cleaner and detergents. Today I can support my children, and again, like many years ago, I have plans for my future."
Social partnership with the State
The premises and utilities for the activities of the Shelter of Center "Sezim" are provided by the Mayor's Office of Bishkek.

In November 2018 our center won a tender for the implementation of the state social order from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of the KR for the implementation of the project "Providing comprehensive assistance to victims of domestic violence."
Memorandum of cooperation with the Ombudsman of the KR
In October 2018 we signed a Memorandum of cooperation with Akyikatchy (Ombudsman) of the KR and began partner work on cooperation in protecting the rights and interests of women and families in Kyrgyzstan.
Support from international donors
With the support of DIMES Foundation (Spain), the main program activities and services of the сenter "Sezim" have been implemented.

With the support of the Bavarian Eastern Society (Germany), the Transit Social Home carried out its activities.
Network of NGOs on the prevention of radicalization in KR
Center "Sezim" took part in the annual program to create a platform of NGOs of KR for the prevention of radicalization in KR. In December 2018 signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation between 15 NGOs of KR in order to cooperate, exchange experience and provide mutual expert support for the prevention of radicalization and fight against extremism in Kyrgyzstan.
Project "Our choice" from PF "AIDS Foundation East-West in the KR"
68 of our women took part in training on personal growth and business planning in the framework of the project "Our Choice", aimed at expanding the economic opportunities of women in difficult life situations. Four of them developed successful mini-business projects and won grants in the form of equipment for their activities.47 women were employed in various organizations in Bishkek.
16-day international campaign against geder-based violence
From the first year of its foundation, the center "Sezim" holds events in the framework of the 16-day international action against gender-based violence. In the 20th anniversary year, we held forum theaters in universities in Bishkek, initiated by the youth wing of the center "Sezim" in partnership with the youth association of student dormitories, with the involvement of students of the theater faculty of the University of сulture and arts named after Beishenalieva.
Our team expresses sincere gratitude to local and foreign citizens and organizations who have provided charitable assistance to our clients:

- representatives W210club.bishkek;
- volunteers Interact Club of Bishkek;
- students of the University of сulture and arts named after Beishenalieva;
- our Ayzhamal, she often comes to our women and children in a shelter with clothes and groceries.

And other caring people, many of whom have remained unrecognized, transferred funds for the needs of our women and children.

In the State budget transferred taxes and insurance contributions for the amount -
1 931 175 kyrg.soms =
28 152 $

Number of staff members –
18 people,
Attracted specialists and consultants – 6 peopl
We expresses our special thanks
to state authorities of the KR:
Mayor's office of Bishkek city,
Ministry of labor and social development of KR,
Ministry of internal affairs of KR,
Ministry of Health of KR,
City Polyclinic #6;

international donors and representatives:
DIMES Foundation (Spain),
International Organization for Migration,

Bavarian Eastern Society (Germany);

Public organizations:
PF " AIDS Foundation East-West in KR ",
PA "Child Protection Center",
PF «League of Child Rights Defenders»,
PF "Mercy Center",
PA "Arms of Love",
Сrisis Сenters of KR

Supervisory Board and
Members of СС
"Sezim", -
for help and support of our activity.

Our contacts:
3 Tabyshaliev Str., Bishkek,
Kyrgyz Republic

Tel: +996 (312) 31 64 66; 51 26 40
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