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The head of the center “Sezim”, Biubiusara Ryskulova was awarded with the “DANK” Medal for special merits to the Motherland

July 12, 2017  in the state residence “Ala-Archa” President of Kyrgyz Republic Atambaev A.Sh. handed state awards for services to the Motherland. Among the recipients of state awards – the head of the center “Sezim” Biubiusara Ryskulova – was awarded the DANK Medal” for significant merits in public and charitable activities of Kyrgyzstan. This is the result of many years of tireless work in defense of human rights, gender equality and the rule of law in our country.


Biubiusara Ryskulova – one of the first leaders of the women’s movement in post-socialist Kyrgyzstan; Founder of the first Central Asian Shelter – Shelter for women and their children affected by gender-based and domestic violence; Founder and leader of one of the first crisis centers in Kyrgyzstan CC “Sezim”; The initiator and ascetic of a number of legislative and public transformations in defense of human rights in Kyrgyzstan. For 25 years she has been actively participating in the social life of our country in defense of gender equality and reducing violence in the family and society.


“DANK” (“Glory” in English) Medal is a state award of the Kyrgyz Republic. It was founded on April 16, 1996. The Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On the establishment of state awards of KR.”

The “DANK” Medal is awarded to citizens for significant achievements in the civil service, production, scientific and technical, creative, educational, public and charitable activities.