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The first step was taken to introduce the practice of family mediation in the activity of the center “Sezim”

In the center “Sezim” 15 people of the staff, volunteers and partners of the center were trained on a 5-day training “Mediation. Basic course “ with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Kyrgyzstan.

This training is the first important step to introduce the practice of family mediation in the activities of the center “Sezim”. The center “Sezim” has long been preparing for the training and introduction of family mediation, as an important and necessary service for peaceful out-of-court settlement of disputes.


It can be said with certainty that the process of introducing the institution of mediation has begun in Kyrgyzstan. In June 2017 the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic approved the Law of KR “On Mediation” in the third reading. The possibility of an out-of-court peace settlement of conflicts with the help of a mediator will undeniably relieve the courts, affect the quality of the cases resolved, and can become an effective way of reforming the judicial system in our country.

There are few organizations that practice mediation and practicing mediators in our country, and the center “Sezim” is making an important step towards professional training in mediation and the introduction of family mediation into its program activities.

Gulsina Kozhoyarova was a trainer of this course (mediator, Chairman of the Board of the PA “National Mediation Center”).

At the end of July this year on the basis of the center “Sezim” a specialized training on family mediation is planned with the involvement of an international coach from the United Kingdom.


Law of KR «On mediation»

This Law is designed to create legal basis for the application in the Kyrgyz Republic of mediation for the settlement of disputes, assistance in protecting the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens, the development of partnership business relations and the formation of the ethics of business turnover, harmonization of social relations.

  1. This Law regulates the relations connected with the application of mediation to disputes arising from civil, family and labor legal relationships.
  2. Mediation applies to disputes arising from criminal law relations in cases specifically provided for by law.
  3. Mediation does not apply if the dispute affects the interests of individuals not participating in mediation or persons recognized as incompetent by the court, except for cases when these individualss or legal representatives of incompetent people enter the process as a party to mediation.



(Photos from training)