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Self-help groups support women in difficult life situations

Since 2012 center “Sezim” carries out projects within the framework of the state order from the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Kyrgyz Republic. The projects are aimed at providing social services for vulnerable groups of the population, in particular for women and elderly women affected by domestic violence.

Within the framework of these projects, Self-help groups (SHGs) are being established on the basis of our Shelter from among the women – clients of the center “Sezim” which help each other to cope with personal problems based on their life experience. Women in groups independently determine their direction and are united by common labor activity, learn from each other and, with the help of professionals, overcome crisis situations, develop positive motivation, etc.

A total of two groups were created on the basis of the Shelter: for young and elderly women who found themselves in a difficult life situation.

The first SHG, despite the fact that the project has long ended, continues to exist, SHG participants are in the same information field and support each other to this day. Two women created SHGs in their communities. One can already observe that women come to meetings less, referring to employment, which can be an indicator that they no longer need this help and this difficult stage in their life has passed.

The second SHG from among elderly women has recently begun to exist and gives hope for mutual support and development.