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Center “Sezim” provided public protection in court on the case of the tragic death of 27-year old Nurzat



A tragic event occurred in December 2015, 27-year-old Nurzat Kalysbek kyzy committed suicide in Bishkek with the help of her scarf. During the investigation it was found out that the husband of Nurzat systematically abused her. Many of the facts of domestic violence came to be known after the death of a young woman in the trial through the testimony of witnesses.

The public defender of the injured party in this case was the director of the Crisis Center “Sezim” – Ryskulova Bubusara.

In March 2017 The October District Court of Bishkek sentenced Ubukeev N. guilty in committing a crime under the part 2 of an Article 102. of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic Incitement to suicide, committed against a person financially or otherwise dependent on the perpetrator, and sentenced him to imprisonment for a term of 4 years, in a penal colony with a reinforced regime.

(on the picture: Nurzat Kalysbek kyzy)