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ASEL. Even after the divorce with the husband, subjected her to violence, her parents did not accept her

Asel married when she was 25 years old after graduating, she got a job in a construction company. Her husband was 15 years older. She never argued with him, did not contradict him, like it was accepted in her parents’ family.

Husband for the first time beat her terribly when she caught him being unfaithful. He kicked her face and stomach. He said that he is a man and can act as he sees is proper … After the beating, along with a newborn baby, she packed up and went to her parents. Parents stood on his side and she and her child were sent back to her husband. In the morning at work colleagues noticed bruises and one of them advised to seek help in the crisis center. However then the parent word for it was the most important and she continued to live with her husband. She remembered the words of her mother “You are the one to blame. Husband leaves only from a bad wife.”

The husband often did not spend nights at home, did not talk, was not interested in the child. If he did not like something he immediately started beating Asel. Once he returned home in a bad mood and brutally beat her. Asel was hospitalized in traumatology with a diagnosis – a traumatic brain injury. She did not turn to the police. Help was provided by colleagues at work, they rented an apartment and helped with accommodation.

Only after that she turned to the center “Sezim” and after a long psychological rehabilitation a feeling of guilt passed, she decided to build her own life and filed for divorce.

Parents to this day as a punishment do not help and do not accept Asel.