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A 30-year-old criminal, who sexually assaulted an under-aged girl, was sentenced to 17 years

15-year old  Altynay was redirected to the center «Sezim» by the volunteers of public organization «S.O.B.», which is engaged in the search of missing people. At the time of arrival to the shelter of the center «Sezim» Altynay was in a state of a great stress and was hospitalized in the City children’s hospital.

Earlier the convicted 30-year-old Kubanychbek took her to Kazakhstan/Almaty, illegally crossing the border through the river. In Almaty he constantly changed his place of residence. The offender forced her to cohabit, physically and morally mocked the girl. Altynay was found after two months, thanks to the efforts of the operational group of the MDIA of the Chuy region which went to Kazakhstan. A criminal case was opened. The head  and the lawyer of the center «Sezim» provided legal assistance and public protection in the court to the victim.

As a result on April 6, 2017 the verdict of the Sokuluk court was pronounced and the criminal was convicted under the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic: Rape, Sexual intercourse and other sexual acts with a person under the age of sixteen, Forced to act in actual marital relations with a person under the age of seventeen, Illegal crossing of the State Border; and was sentenced to 17 years imprisonment. 

During the time of receiving assistance at the center «Sezim» Altynay got psychological rehabilitation and finished hairdresser courses.

(The name of the victim was changed for ethical reasons)