Dear reader, let me welcome You and present the report for 2017 and the results of the three-year strategy of our center.

The past year was not an easy one for our organization, we worked, studied, hoped and moved forward, believing in our own strength and trusting our partners. Our work is directly related to living conditions in Kyrgyzstan, the problems of gender-based, domestic violence and human trafficking, unfortunately, are very relevant today in our society. And our activities are always aimed at reducing the level of violence against women, girls and families in Kyrgyzstan, starting with the protection of every person who turned to us for help, before lobbying initiatives at the legislative level.

In 2017, important steps were taken in our country to eliminate discrimination against women and girls, in particular, a new Law on protection against domestic violence was adopted, in partnership with public organizations of Kyrgyzstan, a broad campaign was launched against polygamy in our country .
Hundreds of women, girls and men turned to us for help, we hope that our support has become for everyone timely and necessary ...
And we are ready for cooperation and continue to work with gratitude to the trust that our clients and partners give us.

Biubiusara Ryskulova
Executive director
of the CC "Sezim"
Nazira, 38 years old:
"I went to the center "Sezim" because I had nowhere to go with two children when I ran away from my husband. He severely beat me and the eldest son from his first marriage for four years, shutting me up in different rooms so that we could not help each other ... Several times I went to the hospital, but I always said that I fell myself... I did not dare to leave him for fear of being left alone with two children on the street, without work, without money ... At the center "Sezim" I was provided with advocate, psychological, social and just human help. Now we live in a transit social house, children study at school, I work ... And I feel calmer in my heart for myself and for the children ..."

on the photo: Nazira
Published with her consent
2017 was the final year of the three-year Strategy of the organization aimed at multi-vector protection of the rights of women and girls from gender-based, domestic violence and human trafficking. It was quite dynamic and interesting, brought both opportunities and specific challenges. Comprehending the passed way, it can be noted that the center "Sezim" for many years continues to be one of the leading non-profit organizations in the country, and the only one in the city of Bishkek and Chui region, which performs a full standard range of services in the field of protection from gender-based, domestic violence and human trafficking.

I am convinced that the successful activity of the Crisis Center "Sezim" is largely achieved through a common vision and mutual support of the Members of the Organization, the Supervisory Board and the Executive Body.

Bakyta Kachykeeva
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the CC «Sezim»
2017 was the final year of the three-years strategy of the organization.

Summary of the three main areas of the Strategic Development Plan
of the сenter Sezim for 2015-2017:

Protection of the rights of women, girls and families in the field of gender-based, domestic violence and human trafficking
We took an active part in Advocacy to strengthen the protection and elimination of discrimination against women and girls, including:
- in lobbying the law of KR, prohibiting religious marriage rites with minors, adopted in 2016;
- in lobbying the law of KR "On protection against domestic violence", adopted in 2017.
- in the campaign against polygamy in Kyrgyzstan on the UNITE Kyrgyzstan network.

Advocate and public protection in courts was granted to 170 women and girls, in 137 court cases, decisions were made in favor of the clients of the center "Sezim".

26 precedents have been created with the participation of the media on cases of gender-based and domestic violence, including 8 press conferences.
Rehabilitation and reintegration for victims of gender-based, domestic violence and human trafficking
Shelter Services are provided for
976 people (500 adults and 476 children)

At Transit Social House lived
68 people (36 adults and 32 children)

2767 psychological services and psychotherapies;
629 services of child psychologist

895 psychological support groups

150 art-therapy groups

Selfhelp groups were created

48 people received support in education on qualification courses

Assistance in employment is provided for 32 people

Information and educational activities
in the field of gender-based, domestic violence and human trafficking
Information and educational activities of the center "Sezim" were directed:
- on youth, in order to prevent and reduce risks of gender-based, domestic violence and human trafficking / 28 meetings;
- social assistance services, for intersectoral interaction in the development of social services for victims of violence and crisis situations / 14 trainings, 4 round tables;
- on the population of Kyrgyzstan (through the media and social networks).

We took part as experts and developers of State Service Standards for Crisis Centers and the State Model Corrective Program for perpetrators of violence.

The SDP of the organization was successfully implemented by more than 80%

The services of the center "Sezim" within the framework of the SDP are implemented by 100%

1493 calls received,
out of them 84% - women, 16% – men.
The hotline operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Advocate and public protection for victims of violence
Advocate protection was provided on
45 civil and 7 criminal cases;
Public protection was provided on
criminal и 5 civil cases.
In 34 court cases the decisions were made in favor of the clients of the center "Sezim"

Legal services
At the office there were conducted
527 consultations for 368 people;
93 writs prepared;
26 lawyer requests, complaints and statements;
4 applications for issuing protection orders.
At the Shelter and TSH there were conducted
121 consultations for 74 people
Psychological counseling
and Psychotherapy
At the office – 437 consultations for 285 people,
(out of them 87% - women, 13% - men)
At the Shelter and TSH -
1112 consultations for 181 people
Child psychologist:
108 consultations for children and 85 for parents
Shelter services received 317 people:
- Victims of domestic violence- 148 women/130 children;
- Victims of sexual violence - 4 women;
- Victims of forced marriages - 4 women;
- Victims of human trafficking - 6 women/3 children;
- Vulnerable migrants - 9 women / 3 children
Shelter services without accommodation - 10 people:
- Victims of human trafficking - 1 woman;
- Vulnerable migrants - 5 women / 4 men
Transit Social House
TSH services received 30 people,
out of them 14 women - victims of gender based and domestic violence and 16 children
Our advantages in 2017
Social partnership with the State
- Since 2005 the Mayor's office of Bishkek provides premises and utilities for the activities of Shelter of the center "Sezim"

- The project "Development of the social gerontological service" was implemented within the framework of the state social order from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of KR. This is the fourth project of the center "Sezim" under the state order
Support of strategic donors
The program activity of the center "Sezim" was carried out in full:

- With the support of DIMES Foundation the main program activity and services of center "Sezim" are realized;

- With the support of the Eastern Bavarian Society the activities of the Transit Social House are realized
Policy Advocacy
- Lobbying of the draft law of KR "On Protection against domestic violence" and "On Amending certain legislative acts on the protection against domestic violence" in the UNITE Kyrgyzstan network (adopted in 2017)

- Holding an information campaign and lobbying the draft law of KR "On lotteries" (adopted in 2017)
Family mediation
In February 2018 the Law of KR "On Mediation" came into force. In 2017 with the support of the Swiss Embassy in KR, the introduction of the Family Mediation service into the activities of our center began. To date, "Sezim" is one of the first organizations ready to provide this service in KR.
SMM-audit and content-strategy
Center "Sezim" passed SMM-audit and a number of trainings on SMM-promotion. As a result, the center "Cesim" is aimed at increasing the level of transparency and accountability, developing media-independent media content of the organization.
Strategic Development Plan
In 2017 the three-year Strategic Development Plan of the organization for 2015-2017 has been successfully completed.

The new Strategic Development Plan of the CC "Sezim" for 2018-2020 was entered into force.

The problems we worked with
High discrimination against women and girls
According to the UN, every fourth woman in Kyrgyzstan, along with children, is subject to domestic violence. The country maintains a high level and latency of sexual violence, polygamy, early marriages, bride kidnapping and human trafficking. At the same time, public consciousness and the practice of law enforcement and judicial bodies are still not ready to change professional, cultural and social norms in this sphere. Center "Sezim", in order to reduce violence against women and girls, conducts advocacy activities in partnership with other public organizations in Kyrgyzstan, particularly in the UNITE Kyrgyzstan network.
The laws of KR on the elimination of violence against women and girls
do not work fully
Center "Sezim" is working to protect the rights of victims of violence in close cooperation with government bodies. But it is important to note the insufficient effectiveness of methods and mechanisms for responding to gender-based and domestic violence, including in the framework of the new Law on ''Protection against family violence''. The discrimination of women and girls affected by violence from representatives of law enforcement, investigative and judicial bodies.
Insufficient infrastructure of social institutions to provide assistance
to victims of violence
Weak financing of social services by the state, and the tendency to reduce the financing of social assistance for victims of violence from international donors. The number of specialists, as well as places in the Shelter and the Transit Social House of CC "Sezim" is limited, and does not cover the demand in Bishkek for professional services (including safe living) in the field of protection from gender-based, domestic violence and human trafficking.
Projects that we implemented in 2017
"Development of social gerontological services" with the support of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of KR

Legal, psychological and social assistance for 59 elderly people
(57 women and 2 men)
affected by domestic violence and in difficult life situations was provided;

a study of the needs of older people for the subsequent planning and development of gerontological services;

mechanisms for intersectoral interaction on the development of services for the elderly have been developed.

"Assistance to victims of human trafficking and vulnerable migrants" with the support of the Democracy Commission US Embassy in KR

Complex assistance
(legal, psychological, social, humanitarian)
for 31 victims of human trafficking
and vulnerable migration

(23 women with 6 children, 8 men);

The Information system for accounting services of CC "Sezim" (Database "Sezim") was developed and is being introduced into the activity of CC "Sezim".

"Introduction of the practice of family mediation in the activity of CC "Sezim" with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Kyrgyzstan

A series of training programs on family mediation for employees, volunteers and partners of CC "Sezim" has been implemented:

1. Mediation, Basic course;

2. Family mediation. Practical course;

and Supervisory support of trained mediators.

The awards of 2017, which we are proud of
The presentation of the State Order of the DANK for special merits in the field of charity and public activity to the director of the center "Sezim", Biubiusara Ryskulova from the President of KR, Atambaev A.Sh.
Honorary Diploma for long-term support of the activities of CC "Sezim" aimed at promoting gender equality in Kyrgyzstan - the DIMES Foundation represented by Mr. Werner Blatter from the Forum of Women's Deputies of the Parliament of KR.
A letter of gratitude for assistance in the development of trans-inclusive health care in KR Natalia Pavlova, a psychotherapist at the Center Sezim from Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan and NGO Labris.
Presentation of awards to journalists on the results of the contest "Breaking silence on violence against women and girls", announced by UN-Women in Kyrgyzstan, Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan, Crisis Center ''Sezim'' and Internews in KR.
"The activities of the center "Sezim" are aimed at helping specific people affected by violence, as well as advocacy campaigns that generally help to reduce violence against women and girls in Kyrgyzstan, thanks to the support of partners and friends of the organization - state and municipal bodies, international partners, non-profit organizations, civil activists and, undoubtedly, the high commitment of the employees of the center "Sezim" to their mission and values"
Bakytbek Djetigenov (Deputy of the Parliament of the KR, member of Supervisory Board of CC ''Sezim'')
Our team many thanks local and foreign citizens
who provided charitable assistance to our clients, among them
Meliypa-apa, she brought her delicious lunches for women and children at Shelter,
representatives of Finca Bank of Kyrgyzstan with presents for the New Year,
charitable organization "LDS Charities" represented by Jeffrey and Karina Carter,
who showed generosity and care for the needs of our customers,
and the senior students of Shopokov city who came with presents and a concert for our women and children and helped to clean the Shelter territory,
and other kind people, which we remember with gratitude ...

The total amount of assistance was about 314 500 kyrgyz soms
Express our deep gratitude to our
State authorities of our country:
Mayor's Office of Bishkek city,
Ministry of Labor and Social development of KR,
Women's Forum of the KR Parliament -

for help and support of our organization
International donors and representatives:
DIMES Foundation (Spain),
Embassy of Switzerland in Kyrgyzstan,
Democracy Commission of the US Embassy in Kyrgyzstan,
The Eastern Bavarian Society,
International Organization for Migration -

thanks to you all, we were able to carry out our activities
Supervisory Board and members of CC ''Sezim'', especially to
Bakyta Kachykeeva,
Artur Sarkisov,
Bakytbek Djetigenov,
Тaalaigul Chabdarova -
for valuable contribution to the development of our organization

Financial Indicators for 2017

Total received funds in the amount of 216 445 $

Of them from the state (local) budget 5030 $
Distribution of funds by programs:
Shelter - 42%

Transit social house - 5%

Legal services
and Advocate protection- 10%

Psychological services - 14%

Hotline - 1%

Education and information activity - 10%

Investment activity - 2,5%

Administrative expenses - 15,5%

Number of staff:
18 people,

attracted experts and
consultants – 6 people.

The amount of insurance contributions and income tax -
2 129 025 soms = 31 170 $
The report uses photos of products made in art-therapy
by Shelter and Transit Social House clients
Thank you for your attention!

web site:
+996 (312) 31 64 66; 51 26 39
Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, Tabyshaliev str. 3